Iron Men at Caldicot Castle

See the Normans at Caldicot CastleVisitors to Caldicot Castle on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June 2009 will have the opportunity to meet Norman knights – the men who first built Caldicot Castle – with their men-at-arms, camp followers and families. Whether you view these “iron men” as brutal oppressors or mighty warriors to be admired, the castles these skilled engineers built remain important landmarks and testimony to a turbulent past.

A full programme of talks, demonstrations and displays from 11am to 5pm brings the early medieval era to life, including plenty of things for visitors to try themselves such as chain mail making, weaving and braiding, writing on real parchment and especially for the kids, dressing up in early medieval style clothing.

 The performers are from Conquest, an infamous group of enthusiasts who recreate aspects of Norman life from the Battle of Hastings in 1066, through 150 years of development to the early C13th. They are joined by Hands on History, who are running a number of popular  “have a go” activities. 

Throughout the day, fascinating living history demonstrations will enable visitors to enter the early medieval world and see everyday life for the knights, soldiers and their families, what they ate, how they dressed and why the Norman military was so feared. A highpoint of is a display of fearsome combat techniques, followed a little later by archery using both the bow and crossbow.


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