Highnam Court Gardens

Highnam Court (picture by Matt Buck)
Highnam Court (picture by Matt Buck)

Last week I visited Highnam Court Gardens just west of Gloucester on the edge of the Forest of Dean.  Highnam Court is a Grade 1 listed Queen Anne period house set in 40 acres of glorious gardens.  The current gardens were laid out in the 19th Century by Thomas Gambier Parry, the owner and father of Sir Hubert Parry (the composer of Jerusalem).  The gardens deterioriated throughout the 20th Century until the house and grounds were bought by Roger Head in 1994; at that time many of the best features had been totally lost or concealed in a jungle.  Since then Roger has lovingly restored these garden to today’s splendour.

The gardens are open the first Sunday of every month under the National Garden Scheme and at other times for various charities.  If the gardens are open when you are in the area, I recommned a visit.  You will not be disappointed!

Whilst at Highnam you should travel the extra ½ mile to Over and visit two members of our Association.

  • Over Farm Market is probably the best farm market in the area.  In addition to the fruit, vegtables, meat etc, there are farm animals and occasional on-site attractions.
  • The Wharf House; a delightful restaurant in a riverside setting.  Why not go for coffe and cakes, lunch or afternoon tea, possibly try their Tapas on the Terrace.

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