Could you walk the St Briavels 100 in the Forest of Dean?

Monument to Union Pit Disaster of 1902
Monument to Union Pit Disaster of 1902

The Hundred of St Briavels was an ancient name that marked the area between the Wye Valley and the River Severn.  If you are born in this area you are allowed traditional rights; to be a Freeminer, or to graze livestock.  The new St Briavels Hundred is a series of ten guided walks, each of 10 miles starting at different points in this beautiful area.  The walks take you to parts of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley that are off the beaten track.  When you have completed all ten you will have travelled over a hundred miles and explored on your journey the unique culture and history of an undiscovered part of the world.

All the routes are circular and have short cuts, so you can break the walk into a distance to suit your capabilities.  Most of the routes are on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley and the traveller will be rewarded with wonderful views of the Welsh Mountains, The Malverns, May Hill and the Wye and Severn Valleys.  Most walks take place on the first Sunday of the month.

The names of the routes, Milo’s Revenge, In the footsteps of Henry V, Journey to Middle Earth, In search of Sabrina, In the Steps of Wordsworth, etc,  reflect the folklore and history that your expert guide will describe. 

Once you have experienced one of the walks you will want to return again and again to sample the distinct flavour of all ten.  Complete all ten and you will become a Forest Freewalker.  Even after you have joined the exclusive ranks of those that have achieved all ten walks you will want to try them at different times of the year; when the bluebells are out, during autumn colour, when the daffodils or snow drops blossom or on a crisp winter’s day.

Benefit from our local knowledge.  Walk with us and we will give you interesting facts en-route,  and show you parts of this historic area that other visitors do not see.  Take your first step on a journey of a hundred miles, by contacting the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Tour Guides or book online now for £10 per person.


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