Dymock Walks, Teas & Daffodils

 Wild Daffodils in Gwen and Vera's Fields Nature Reserve, Grid Ref: SO 696277
Wild Daffodils in Gwen and Vera's Fields Nature Reserve

It is still so wintry that I can’t quite believe that preparations are already well underway for the arrival of the wild Dymock Daffodils, around Kempley, Gorsley and Dymock.   I was reminded as I was handed little flyers for Oxenhall Light Lunches and Country Teas on 6th & 7th March.   The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust will be leading walks from Betty Daw’s Wood at 2pm on the Saturday and Sunday.

So, for anyone who hasn’t visited the area and seen this amazing spectacle of wild daffodils carpeting the area in yellow, it is well worth a visit.  The teas are pretty good too!

And there are yet more daffodil walks, on 20th & 21st March in Kempley,

More springtime information soon…


5 thoughts on “Dymock Walks, Teas & Daffodils

  1. walked the daffodil way thursday but they are not quite in bloom yet a bit more sun and they will be wonderfull make sure you have some tea and cake at st marys church dymock smashing .

  2. Searching for Daffodil walks from Kempley + teas this year – 2011 – do you have any scheduled please. Think your website needs updating!

  3. The blog is historic and we don’t adjust the dates. However, this year Kempley Daffodil weekend is 19/20 March. Oxenhall Daffodil Weekend is 25 to 27 March.

    As usual the best weekend will of course depend upon the weather.

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