School designs new theme park for the Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean
The Forest of Dean


Three members of the Association’s committee had the pleasure of judging the end of term assignment of  12-13 year old pupils at Lakers School, Berry Hill in the Forest of Dean. Their task  was to design a new Theme Park for the Forest  of Dean and to take into consideration issues including planning permission, road  access, possible benefit to the area,  green issues, disabled access and promotion of the Park. 

They worked in teams , presented their ideas live to us  and not only showed they had  imagination but also  that  a lot of thought and work had gone into their planning – the judges were impressed.   Hopefully this will lead to some of these youngsters  working in our industry in due course and to everyone having a greater understanding of the needs of both businesses and our visitors. 

It’s probable that same competition will be run next year and that the Association may be asked if it can send a member to talk to the children about tourism generally and, in particular, about running an activity based attraction.


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