WVFDTA at Abergavenny Food Festival

Yet again, on 18th September 2010, our intrepid vice-chair, Ros Robertson and her husband, Alastair, loaded the car with boxes of leaflets and set off to yet another country show – the third in less than a month. WVFDTA hoisted its colours at a very wet Monmouth Show on 26th August, and a rather drier Usk Show on 11 September. Leaflets have been flying off the stall – the “Attractions and Activities” brochure and “Where to Eat” brochure prove to be very popular, as does the “12 Easy Walks”.

WVFDTA on The Information Stall

At Abergavenny, the Association was well placed being at one of the entrance points to the town centre in the Nevill Street square, an ideal spot to catch visitors going in and out. The weather held up on Saturday until 4.30pm, when the rains came. Ros and Alastair are back tomorrow so let’s hope that the weather treats them kindly. A tremendous thank you to them and to Association members, who turned up to help man the stall.

WVFDTA Leaflets at Abergavenny Food Festival


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