New DVD Released – A Year on the Wye

A DVD about the River Wye through the seasons
A DVD about the River Wye through the seasons

Take a trip down the River Wye. Start early in the year in the Plynlimon Hills. Follow the Wye from Mid Wales to the borders between England and Wales. Finally, in Autumn, arrive at the mouth of the river, and the Severn Estuary.

Star Video’s first DVD release is ‘A Year on the Wye’. Through the seasons this follows the river Wye from its
source in Mid-Wales to the Bristol Channel. It is a travelogue that follows the course of the river looking at points of interest along its course. The style of the main feature is video with accompanying music and narration, which runs
for approximately 62 minutes.

At 185 miles long, the Wye is the fifth longest river in the UK. Its source is in the Plynlimon Hills in mid Wales. From there is flows to the border between England and Wales, and then never wanders far from that border. Indeed in several places the Wye itself marks that border.

The river Wye is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. And much of the valley below Hereford is an Area of Outstanding Beauty.

Star Video’s ambition is to fully embrace the ‘Versatile’ in Digital Versatile Disk. While similar titles generally take the approach of a feature on a disk the same way they were on VHS tapes, on a ‘Year on the Wye’ DVD added value includes a music only option, production commentary, ‘A Minute on the Wye’ extra, photo gallery, subtitles, supplementary information as a subtitle track, and PDF files.

You can view material from the DVD on and clicking on ‘videos’.

The DVD is supplemented by Star Video’s related web pages: – the only web presence Star Video is aware of that covers, in general, the River Wye along the whole of its course.

Andy Chisholm of Star Video explains

The idea was to produce a video to as high a standard as can be managed on domestic equipment – which these days is pretty good. The exception is a good narrator – and for that we were lucky to get Ian Williams on board – being born in Wales he has no problems with some of the place names. The idea of a full range of added value items was inspired by classic Doctor Who DVD releases – which contains more DVD extras than many feature films enjoy.”

A Year on the Wye is £8.99 and can be ordered through Postage is free in the UK.


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