‘People Watch’ – Art Exhibition at Taurus Crafts, Lydney

Anji Horlock - City Watching
Anji Horlock - City Watching

On show at Taurus Crafts, Lydney from 21 April until 20 May is a display of local artist Anji Horlock’s latest work, much of it inspired by cafe culture and nightlife. Showing in the apt setting of the cafe at Taurus Crafts, the artworks are a mixture of thought provoking abstracts and some more gentle works in mixed media.

About the artist

I have always drawn, made marks and experimented with media .  And after twenty years of different roles within the NHS and social services I took myself off to Bristol to train in printing and fine arts.


About the work               

This main body of this work is a result of watching people and allowing the response to emerge in paint. It is about watching and feeling. At present I work from memory and sometimes my sketch book. I try to feel the moment, the noise, the chat, the unknowing cues people give out, the isolation of a person in a crowd and/or the isolation I might be feeling as a result of watching. What emerges is in part, what was there at the time, part what I was feeling at that time and part all my stuff that all artists bring to their canvases.

I sometimes work on two or three canvas at one time, this is spontaneous and I now realize this helps balance out the ideas. I sometimes can get the marks and ideas down very quickly and then it takes many hours, sometimes months, of re-arranging and looking at the work so that I feel it is finished.



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