An Exhibition of Sketches with Pastels by Mary Rose Young

View from Hang Hill Road Bream by Mary Rose Young
View from Hang Hill Road Bream by Mary Rose Young

COLOURED – An Exhibition of Sketches with Pastels by Mary Rose Young, Taurus Crafts  1st December 2012 until 6th January 2013

When Mary Rose went to Venice last Easter on holiday she returned a rejuvenated and newly inspired artist, the beautiful coloured houses of Burano, the canal bridges and the architecture inspired her. She was soon finding bright colours in the water at Lydney Docks or on the roofs of Pillowell. Every evening and weekend since has been spent on a road side with sketch book and pastels.

We now can present the best of her new pieces at this exhibition at Taurus Crafts, “Coloured”.  ‘To hold an exhibition in my home town, just a few hundred metres from the school where I sat doing Art, means far more to me than the more “showy” destinations in the USA where further exhibitions will inevitably follow’.

Her fun and exuberance has always been visible in her highly renowned colourful pottery, and she hopes those assets shine through in this framed collection. Any form of artistic expression will always betray the inner character of the artist far better than they could ever do themselves in words, and thus her inspirations will be exposed for all to see. As a teenager learning her trade, she had a vision of the “adult me” being an artist, so with “Coloured” she is returning to her first love.

Many of these pastel sketches depict the Forest of Dean, including views of Bream, Pillowell, Drybrook, and Lydney Docks. “The Forest has a wonderful character of its own and to me it’s got little to do with trees or streams or perfect scenery. This has always been an industrial area and everything that’s unique stems from the communities – houses thrown together at random that aren’t picturesque in themselves at all, but yet with a flavour that’s so deep in our sub-consciousness that they’re crying out to be celebrated.”

This exhibition is of the Forest of Dean, through the eyes of somebody who trudged up these streets to school or who meandered around them on a Sunday afternoon searching for something to do, and as usual Mary Rose’s ever-present sense of humour helps bring these familiar village scenes to life.



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