Works On Paper – An exhibition of drawings and paintings by Becky Johnson

An exhibition of drawings and paintings by Becky Johnson
An exhibition of drawings and paintings by Becky Johnson

Taurus Crafts are looking forward to exhibiting a young artist, in her first solo exhibition.

Becky Johnson grew up in the Forest of Dean, in Aylburton, and worked at Taurus Crafts as a teenager.  Becky is now studying in Liverpool where she was awarded the Artinliverpool  Purchase Prize in 2011.

The exhibition called ‘Works On Paper’, includes drawings and paintings. ‘I am interested in how an object or a structure can evoke empathy in an audience by conveying an emotion.’  In university, whilst specialising in sculpture, she tried to achieve this by making objects that looked fragile, or helpless. Becky uses mixed media and often incorporates materials, such as tape and correction fluid.  ‘I’m interested in using ‘things’ that are familiar yet unexpected in fine art, that reinforce the feelings I am trying to provoke.’  Her intention is that the subjects of the works communicate an emotion or human state. In her imagination the objects and structures are mysterious – their original purpose is unknown and they no longer function.  The abandoned warehouses of Liverpool and the remnants of industrial activity in the Forest of Dean have been a major influence in this work.

It’s great to see Becky back at Taurus Crafts and back in her home village. She is showing us all how talented she is as an artist and how her work has developed in Liverpool. We have already sold two of her paintings and are sure that the 5 week show will be a success and provide a great point of interest in our cafe and conservatory.

The exhibition runbs at Taurus Crafts, Lydney until 17 February.


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