Forest of Dean artist Mariette Voke paints the past

Echoes by Mariette Voke
Echoes by Mariette Voke

From the 2nd November until 15th December 2013, local artist Mariette Voke will be exhibiting her colourful and memory evoking paintings at the Dean Heritage Centre.

A self-confessed hoarder with a compulsion to record and catalogue life, Mariette made her move to painting from a twenty year career in large scale garden ceramics. Drawn to it by a love of colours, it is clear by her creations that she has a great love for depicting different textures, pleats, creases and imperfections, relishing the opportunity to focus on the small details of each piece.

Based in her studio shed in Drybrook, Mariette can spend hours, weeks and months producing each painting, often working into the night on several at a time. Canvasses are home stretched using raw linen, fixed with tacks and sized with rabbit skin glue.

Commenting on her artwork, Mariette said: “I love painting clothing, linking each garment with objects, to tell stories about where a dress came from or what happened on the day it was worn. I feel the poignancy of a dress on a hanger can be as evocative as a photograph. Through the way things wear, a frayed collar, pulled thread or lost button, feelings and moments in time can be recalled.”


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