Valentine’s Day in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean

The Walnut Tree Inn
The Walnut Tree Inn

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and we were wondering where all the mystery had gone from romance…

If you’re planning a romantic getaway or if there’s a certain proposal on your mind then look no further – we’ve put together our top five mysterious romance ideas that you might never have thought of!

  1. Does the idea of searching for your one true love in an enchanted forest appeal to your romantic side? Get down to Puzzlewood where the eerie but magical woodlands are so enchanting that you won’t be able to help but get caught up in the moment and swept away amongst the trees.
  2. A night-time wander under the stars is an absolute romance classic. Add a touch of mystery to a moonlit stroll by searching for the omniscient owl by torchlight this Valentine’s Day at the International Centre for Birds of Prey and share an unforgettable experience with that special someone.
  3. Get swept up like the legendary Greek lovers Theseus and Ariadne (without the tragedy!) in the labyrinthine Clearwell Caves. Delve deep into the dark and echo the epic romances with a kiss shared between two lovers… just make sure it’s your partner you’re kissing!
  4. If the only mystery you want in your love story is the wait for the food to make its way from menu to plate, then head to The Walnut Tree Inn for a Michelin rated dining experience. Enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight as you spend that special time with the one you love.

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