‘My Point of View’ – Art Retrospective by Forest of Dean artist

Forest of Dean by John Belcher
Forest of Dean by John Belcher

From Saturday 29th March until Sunday 22nd June 2014 the Dean Heritage Centre will be hosting a special exhibition by one of their very own volunteers and former trustee, John Belcher. The exhibition will be divided into two spaces: ‘My Point of View’ in the art gallery on the ground floor and ‘Retrospective’ in its community space, Gallery 41 on the 2nd floor*.

‘My Point of View’ is a delightful new exhibition that emphasises John’s own instinctive style and his intense interest in 3D forms. The superb ‘Retrospective’ contains paintings, sculptures and a multimedia installation. John enjoys working with a wide variety of media which helps to highlight his distinctive style.

John attended Lydney Art School before gaining a National Diploma in Design (Fine Art Sculpture) from Gloucestershire College of Art in Cheltenham. He then achieved a teaching diploma from the University of the West of England College of Art. His teaching career has seen him inspire art students in Bristol and Wiltshire secondary schools as well as Lakers School in Coleford. John is a former trustee of the Dean Heritage Centre and regularly volunteers in the Gage Library.

Commenting on his work, John said:

“I’ve always had an intense interest in the three dimensional forms of all things and their shapes, textures, patterns and colours. I’m interested in all the constituent parts of objects which are natural or man-made. Although my preference is for the ‘figurative’, abstract is, of course, just as valid as a means of expression.”

John is naturally inquisitive and this is reflected in the depth of his enquiries, and the preparation that he puts into each singular piece of work. He uses a wide variety of media, and endeavours to ensure that the media is appropriate for each piece. John has spent a lifetime following and studying the great artists of each generation. This has proved invaluable to forming his depth of artistic knowledge. However, post-art college, he has always followed the path of his own instinctive style.

Entry to the exhibition is included in the standard Centre admission.


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