Basics to Banquets at Harts Barn Cookery School

©Harts Barn Cookery School
©Harts Barn Cookery School

From chefs to children, Harts Barn Cookery School has been teaching innovative cooking techniques to the masses since 2011. With an array of tutors each with their own culinary expertise, learn the latest in foraging around the local area or pick up some of the latest free-from recipes!

©Harts Barn Cookery School
©Harts Barn Cookery School

The site, nestled deep in Forest of Dean offers breathtaking views from the glass walled kitchen and dates back to 1068 making it one of the oldest buildings in the area. You may even recognise the kitchen from ITV Cookery programmes such as Britain’s Best Bakery or Countrywise Kitchen!

But aside from the unbeatable location and its worthy on-camera recognition, it is genuinely exciting to see that there is a cookery school offering passionate students classes that they can really sink their teeth into. From Cooking like Cleopatra to Detox and Cleanse your Body, the school offers a variety of courses and prides itself on its ‘cooking for all’ ethos.

Not only does the school offer cookery courses in the kitchen, but it could lead you out into the wild for Forage and Feast Days!  Learn about the seasonal plants surrounding you and get practical by recognising natures medicinal uses and which plants you can include in your recipes at home. You can even learn how to make your own Vodka! Classes are run by Alyn English of Yeehaa Outdoor, a local outdoor pursuits provider. Alyn can even arrange for the foraging days to be combined with a great nights sleep in the latest in glamping – Yurts!

©Harts Barn Cookery School
©Harts Barn Cookery School

Also impressively known as the ‘Centre for Raw Food Training’ in the UK, the Harts Barn Cookery School has been quick to contemporise it’s classes around the latest diet revelations. As free-from diets have recently become a popular way for staying healthy, the school offers classes taught by a qualified nutritionist to show you exactly how to make delicious meals without those wheat and grain-based ingredients we have come to rely on.

And as if there wasn’t already enough choice, the school even offers bespoke classes! Often opted for by families, groups of friends or stag/hen parties, choose a particular area of cooking that interests YOU for a private tutorial.

Cooking is an essential part of all of our lives and in The Forest of Dean, we are truly spoilt by not only beautiful settings, but also the nutritious wildlife that surrounds us. So why not check out Harts Barn Cookery School and bring something new to your kitchen.

For more information on food & drink in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, check out our blog on Welsh Wine Week!  

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