A different way to see the forest – Forest Segway Experience

Forest Segways at Mallards Pike
Forest Segways at Mallards Pike

When asked would I like to try the new Forest Segway Experience at Go Ape! Forest of Dean there was no hesitation in leaping up and saying yes!

Since the Segway activity launched it has always intrigued me how these machines operate and do people really have fun on them?

Upon arriving at the Go Ape! site at Mallards Pike in the beautiful Forest of Dean, I was provided with a form to read and sign…..’risk factor’ were a couple of words used but this really added to all the excitement and if you take note of the safety briefing there really isn’t anything to worry about! Once all signed and sealed I was fitted out in a rather fetching hat and was shown to the training area, where all the Segways were lined up ready to go, looking like something out of a Star Wars movie!

Allie was the guide for the day and prior to starting a full safety briefing was provided, from how to control the Segway and getting on and off safely to the rules whilst travelling the route which rendered us Segway riders the ‘bottom of the pile’, having to give way to everyone else whether they were walkers, cyclists or llama’s!

I ‘bravely’ volunteered to go first…..getting on the Segway was easy, finding your balance was something else altogether. After learning how to go forwards (lean forwards pushing handle forwards) and backwards (lean backwards, pull handle backwards), turning left and right (okay you get the idea…) I was allowed to have a go around the training area which proved invaluable to getting to grips with these lovely mean machines.

Once my group had all been through the safety briefing and had a go in the training area we were ready to take on the forest route (which was the Adidas track). Described by our guide as ‘duckling file’ we were asked to follow in single file with no Formula 1 antics! Once out of the training area we had a fairly straight run before slowing down to a stop and our machines were turned off training mode, which meant we could go a bit faster!

What amazed me was how easy it was to get to grips with the Segway, and soon enough I was cruising through the forest admiring the views. The scenery was absolutely amazing with the Foxgloves out in full force and it certainly gives you a different view of the forest. Although the sun was shining we did not spot any wildlife but I have it from a reliable source that you often have the opportunity to get close to nature.

Allie our great guide stopped a few times during the session ensuring everyone was okay and to highlight points of interest and just as we were completing the route we were told the last bit was off road…..which proved a great end to a great trip following all terrain track underneath the Go Ape! rope course.

All in all a fabulous experience, would I recommend having a go at this activity – yes definitely and this was one time I didn’t mind being ‘bottom of the pile’.



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