New Exhibition: Butterfly Maps by Jessica Gadsby

The Butterfly Maps exhibition at Taurus Crafts, this summer 26th July-31st August  is an exploration and re-imagining of places familiar and loved by the artist. Using maps of those areas, and butterfly species found there, Jessica recreates abstracts that are intriguing and inviting. Bristol born artist, Jessica, was raised in the Forest of Dean and has a special attachment to the area. Her love of walking and travelling and of the natural world heavily influences her work.

River Severn III L475



This exhibition covers a range of areas including the Lake District, Bristol and London but focus most heavily on the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and the River Severn. Having grown up with the view of the Horseshoe Bend, Garden Cliffs and found fossils near the Noose at Awre it is an important metaphor for journeying and homecoming for Jessica.




“It is always a pleasure to have something unusual to share with our customers and great to have a popular local artist exhibit here. A great summery topic. Now all we have to do is spot the appropriate butterflies of our area!” – Colette Kresse, Taurus Crafts

London S.W. 1 L475



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