‘Great Artists Steal’ at Taurus Crafts

A little bit of Europe and a little bit of the Edinburgh festival meets in Lydney on July 28th with the Jolt Theatre Tour. 

Theatraverse will be performing Great Artists Steal by BBC award winning writer Seamus Collins.


The play uses physical theatre, comedy and clowning to explore the idea of invention – as Picasso said ‘good artists copy- great artists steal.

Theatraverse is a theatre company bringing together professionals from across Europe to have serious fun with words and physical expression.


Date                      Monday 28th July

Starts                    7.30pm

Duration              50 min (no breaks)

Tickets                 £5.00 From Taurus Crafts in advance or on the door.

Location               Taurus Crafts, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 6BU



Elizabeth Ball                      Centre Manager Taurus Crafts                  elizabeth@tauruscrafts.co.uk

Joanne Allan                      Directrice Artistique                                        theatraverse@hotmail.com



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