Mariette Voke – ‘Museum Pieces’

image 3
© Mariette Voke 2014

Talented local artist Mariette Voke is set to showcase her latest collection, ‘Museum Pieces’ in an exhibition held at The Dean Heritage Centre (DHC) in Soudley, Forest of Dean.

The exhibition at DHC will be open from Saturday the 16th of August until Saturday the 28th of September.
Mariette has been a regular visitor to the Centre over the past month equipped with her pencils and sketchpad. She has made herself at home settling into all the nooks and crannies sketching and painting pieces from the Centre’s five galleries of history. Th e exhibition entitled, ‘Museum Pieces’ is a collection of paintings that bring the artefacts that can be found by visitors around the Centre to life.

image 1
© Mariette Voke 2014

Mariette is currently based in the local village of Drybrook; she is a self professed hoarder with a compulsion to record and catalogue life. Her paintings explore memories through everyday objects whether it is an old tobacco tin or a well-loved dress.

image 2
© Mariette Voke 2014

Commenting on her work, Mariette said: “I feel the poignancy of a dress on a hanger can be as evocative as a photograph. Through the way things wear, a frayed collar, pulled thread or lost button, feelings and moments in time can be recalled.”

Phillippa Turner, Collections officer said: “We’re really looking forward to Mariette’s exhibition at the DHC. Her beautiful style will bring new life and meaning to objects at the Centre that may not catch the eye at first glance but have new lease of life after being featured in this colourful and inspiring exhibition.”

Entry to the exhibition is included in admission to The Dean Heritage Centre.


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