Fascinating Forest Exhibition

Local photographer Ewart Woolley lights the way with fascinating Forest images exhibition.

From Saturday 4th October until Sunday 16th November 2014 local photographer Ewart Woolley will be sharing his eye catching array of photographs which highlight the beauty to the Forest of Dean, and Severn and Wye estuaries.

Ewart’s fascinating work focuses on the lighting extremes which can be found at dawn and dusk and he is always searching for that elusive natural detail. He photographs a wide variety of scenes, from bare metal to sensitive portraits and from mellow woodland to stormy seascapes.  He can often be found paddling on the Severn foreshore or tramping Forest tracks.

Commenting on his passion for photography, Ewart said:

“As a science, technology and environment writer, I quickly decided that images were an important part of life.  I was still a teenager when I scraped the money together buy a Pentax K 1000… still a part of my kit today.”

Ewart has lived in the Forest of Dean since 1981 and has been recording the Forest landscapes ever since.  He runs regular practical photography workshops in the Forest, Bristol, the Cotswolds, Severn and Wye Valleys throughout the year.

Phillippa Turner, collections officer said:

“The exhibition is an opportunity for visitors to be momentarily transported to many different and beautiful places in the local area. It is a clear that a lot of thought has gone in to the composition of each and every photograph.”

Entry to the exhibition is included in admission to the Dean Heritage Centre.

Find out more about the Dean Heritage Centre:

The Dean Heritage Centre is based in five acres of scenic woodland and is home to five galleries of the history of the Forest of Dean and its’ people spanning 10,000 years of history, from the ice age to present day.  It is currently home to the Room on the Broom Trail, and during half term they will be holding a ‘Big draw’ event and Dragon Festival.


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