Secret Recipes Revealed for Chocolate Week!

For those with a sweet tooth, you need no excuses to chomp away next week – it’s Chocolate Week!


To celebrate, The Old Dairy Tearoom has given us a dairy-free chocolate cake recipe to share with everyone:

300g self raising flour

250g golden caster sugar

50g cocoa powder (check ingredients as some brands have added extras

1 1/2 TSP bicarbonate of soda

150g dairy free spread ( I prefer Pure sunflower)

150g soya yoghurt ( I prefer Alpro vanilla)IMG_20141008_185111

250ml soya milk ( or almond milk if you prefer)

For icing….


200g dairy free spread

50g cocoa powder

200g icing sugar


Grease (with dairy free spread) & base line 2 x 8inch sandwich thins or 1 x 8 inch round cake tin.
Sift all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl.  In a separate bowl melt spread, add yoghurt & milk and combine fully using a hand whisk.
Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix with a handheld electric whisk or use a table top mixer, until combined.
Split into 2 sandwich tins and cook for 35 mins or if using 1 tin 45/50 mins.  Once cooked, allow to cool for 10 mins in tin then cool on a wire rack.  If making a sandwich cake handle with care as the cakes can be delicate.
For icing

Sift icing sugar & cocoa together into a bowl, add spread and whisk together ( cover with a tea towel as you do it as there will be a cloud of cocoa/icing sugar!)

The cafe sells the cake at £2.00 a slice if you don’t fancy making your own, perfect with a pot of loose leaf rose tea!


Tudor Farmhouse also do a great Chocolate Truffle Cake and they’ve kindly given us the recipe so you can have a go yourself…

450g chocolate

IMG_6148600ml cream

Zest of ½ orange

Pinch of salt


Bring cream, orange zest and sugar to the boil.

Pout on top of chocolate and whisk until smooth.

Pour the mixture into a grease proof lined tray and leave to set for 24 hours.

Time to tuck in! 


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