Felt Good at Tintern Abbey

Felt picture of Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley
Felt picture of Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley

The major exhibition at Chepstow Museum in 2014, Sites of Inspiration, Tintern Abbey, in turn provided the inspiration for some impressive pieces of work. As well as drawings and paintings, prints, poetry and documentary film making, digital art, tiles and textiles were created at workshops and sessions run in association with the exhibition. These are now on display at the exhibition in Chepstow Museum ‘Our Places of Inspiration’ throughout February.

As soon as you enter the gallery you cannot fail to be impressed by the large wall hanging textile. A stunning representation of Tintern Abbey created entirely from fleece. This was made by a group of women in weekly community workshops with textile artist Petra Pinnock.

Inspired by the fabulous Tintern Abbey wall hanging Chepstow Museum is providing an opportunity to learn how to create your own painting from fleece with Petra Pinnock on  Saturday February 7, 2-4.30pm at the The Drill Hall, Lower Church Street, Chepstow.

In this workshop you can create a fleece picture (A5 size not the size of the wall hanging!). No previous experience with fleece, and no ability to draw is required!

The process begins with a piece of felt backing as the canvas and then coloured fleece is applied using a dry-felting needle, building up the picture in layers. The medium can be used to achieve a water-colour effect or colours used more densely produce a bold, acrylic-type look. The medium lends itself particularly well to nature studies, landscapes, flowers and birds etc

If you want to have a go and already have a scene that you would like to translate into felt, you can bring your own picture, otherwise lots of inspiring visual reference material will be provided.

Petra Pinnock draws the in

spiration for her work from her immediate surroundings and a passion for colour. The medium for these pictures is 100% sheep’s fleece. She uses both natural colours and dyed fleece. By combining a love of landscape painting with this wonderful and versatile fibre, she has created fleece paintings. She also uses the medium to sculpt miniature, life-like figures and craft woollen rugs on a peg-loom.

The Workshop is suitable for adults and young people aged 12+. There is a £10 fee + £5 for materials per person. Places are limited so booking is essential. Please contact Chepstow Museum tel 01291 625981.



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