Gloucester Services; on the hunt for Butchers, Bakers and Muesli Makers

Services now recruiting new roles to include the nation’s first motorway fishmonger!

Gloucester Services Farmshop and Kitchen have started to recruit nearly 150 new staff for their southbound site due to open this summer. The business is now on the hunt for traditional skilled workers to fill positions including butcher, baker, fishmonger and pâtissier and become part of a team dedicated to raising the standard of food on the motorway network.

Dave Morland - Head of Butchery
Dave Morland – Head of Butchery


This follows the successful opening of the northbound services in 2014, situated on the M5 between junctions 12 and 11a. The services have already won a number of local and national awards including the prestigious Observer Food Monthly award. The business is now looking to offer various employment opportunities for Gloucestershire residents who are looking for a new challenge.

The reputation of British service stations is not high. Motorists have come to expect chain outlets serving overpriced, mediocre food. Gloucester Services is refreshingly different- no chains, no franchises and no fast food on the forecourt.

Dedicated to local food, farming and the surrounding community, the £40 million services features a farmshop stocked with locally produced food, a butchery stocked with Gloucestershire’s finest meat, and a café serving homemade dishes created from locally sourced produce every day. Gloucester Services works with over 200 local suppliers from across the South West, 130 of which are within 30 miles of the services.

Sarah Dunning, CEO of Westmorland Family who own and operate the services explains, “It’s our approach to food that sets the business apart, we believe proper food matters. Quality, farm-assured food was at the core of my father’s vision when he opened Tebay Services some 40 years ago. Back then it was visionary, today we’re part of a local food revolution.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 14.32.33

Thanks to a growing interest in quality, local produce and traceability, Gloucester Services is looking to build on the offer already available. Not content with a quality butchery, the southbound services will see the addition of a patisserie and the UK’s first fishmonger on the motorway network.

There will be full time, part time and seasonal work with various shift patterns available, suitable for parents, students and those looking to fit work around other commitments.

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