#StDavidsDay – Why We Love #Wales in #DeanWye

St. David’s Day is drawing near, a time where we celebrate all things Welsh. Children don traditional costume, parades line the streets, and daffodil sales go up. It’s just another reason to love the beautiful country of Wales!

What else do we love about Wales? Take a look:

View from ©Dean Valley Panorama
View from ©Dean Valley Panorama

1. The landscapes – Rolling green fields, mountains, forests. It’s never anything less than stunning (even in the rain).

2. The people –  Locals are always kind and ready to help. Stop by any of their shops for a taste of locally grown food and locally made crafts.

3. The adventure – You can do virtually anything here. From archery to caving, canoeing to bushcraft, you’ll always have an amazing experience to bring home.

4. The nature – You can spot all kinds of wildlife in Wales. See if you can find a family of wild boars or a herd of deer. Be careful, though as not all of the woodland creatures like to be bothered!

© Wye Dean Tourism
© Wye Dean Tourism

5. The peace – There’s no denying it’s peaceful out here. A great place for escapism and dark skies, Wales is a good place to go if you just need to get out of the city.

Find out more about our amazing region here. Let us know why you love Wales!


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