Five Forest #Facts #DeanWye

The Forest is full of some wacky and wonderful facts history. Here are five facts to get you started:

  1. © Wye Dean Tourism
    © Wye Dean Tourism

    It’s never eleven in Littledean Look up at the church tower and you’ll notice something is a bit off. The roman numeral 11 has been painted incorrectly. So in a way, it turns 9 o’ clock four times a day.


  2. The Forest has ties to the sea – Ships that opposed the Spanish Armada were built here from the Forest’s great oaks. They left the area so barren that thirty million acorns were planted, but by the time the trees were mature ships were being made out of iron and steel. The Forest now grows the country’s largest area of mature oak.
  3. Royalty only – The Forest was used as a royal hunting ground by the Tudor kings from 1066 until 1971.
  4. © Wye Dean Tourism
    © Wye Dean Tourism

    The perfect muse – Both JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien are said to be inspired by the landscapes of the Forest, especially the Puzzlewood. Rowling lived in the Forest as a child and Tolkien helped to excavate a Roman temple in Lydney Park as he was working on The Hobbit.

  5. The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution – The first brass made in Britain was founded in Tintern in 1566, which soon gave way to wiremaking. The Forest was also a major source of iron. Also, in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Whitebrook became famous for paper milling.

2 thoughts on “Five Forest #Facts #DeanWye

  1. The rebuilt Shakespeares Globe Theatre was constructed using Dean oak, Sam Wannamaker and his daughter Zoe came here to see the trees felled.

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