Capturing Generations – looking for a family of 4 or 5 generations around Chepstow for exciting photographic project

The Owen Men from Jack (92) to Connah Lewis (6 months).
The Owen Men from Jack (92) to Connah Lewis (6 months).

Chepstow Museum is looking for families with 4 or 5 generations living locally.

Julian Germain, a photographic artist working with Chepstow Museum on an Arts Council of Wales funded project, is looking for families in the Chepstow area where there are 4 or even 5 living generations.

“I am interested in family histories, in the various stages of life from birth to old age, and in the fascinating biological and social connections that pass from one generation to the next.

Obviously, all of us have parents, grand parents, great grandparents and so on, but there are very few families where 4 or 5 generations are actually still living. To meet and make portraits of these families is both touching and fascinating. The images seem to be about so much more than the fleeting moment the picture is made. They reflect the passage of time, bringing together the past, present and future within the single image and they seem to me to ask questions about our enormous variety of social, cultural, historical and genetic histories.”

Do you have a great grandparent or great great grandparent in your family? If so, please get in touch with Chepstow Museum tel: 01291 625981 or e-mail

Examples of Generations photographs that Julian Germain has already made elsewhere in the UK can be seen at




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