Calling all pottery lovers!

If you’re an avid TV watcher and love a bit of DIY, you’re probably aware of BBC2’s brand new TV show entitled The Great Pottery Throw Down – a homage to the Great British Bake Off (but for pottery).

We caught up with our resident potter Katie Winterborne from Hot Pot Pottery, Christchurch who gave us her thoughts on the show.

“Even though there have only been three episodes so far, I find myself looking forward to it every week – it’s very interesting. I am unsure as to how the contestants were chosen, but it seems like they are working to a very high and professional standard. It is showing the general public the intricacies and hard work of what goes into the pottery craft, and how there is that level of uncertainty when you take your pieces out of the kiln – an extra degree or few minutes can make a world of difference! As the show develops, I think it’ll be interesting to see how the contestants progress and what other skills are tested. Pottery is a vast and fascinating subject and I hope that the show has inspired people to take up the craft. I hope the best potter wins!”

Did you know that Hot Pot Pottery is running their very own Forest of Dean Throw Down competition? Any Pottery Trial Class during the 6 week period of the TV show will have their favourite pieces left with them for glazing and firing, entered into a competition to win a short stay in one of their self-catering cottages (sleeping up to 4 people) or a second Pottery Trial Class for 2 (if the winner is local to the area).

pottery throwdown

If you would like to find out more about this fabulous opportunity, please go to our website >>

The Great Pottery Throw Down is on BBC2 at 9pm every Tuesday.


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