A tasty treat for Chelsea pensioners

Lyndon and Maria Edwards of Hanley Farm Shop at Tidenham attended the annual ‘Ceremony of the Cheeses’ at the Royal Hospital in London.

The ceremony dates back over 300 years; a Centuries-old tradition that began in 1692 when the Royal Hospital in London asked a local cheesemonger to provide the Pensioners with cheese as a tasty Christmas treat. Cheesemakers from all over the country have continued the tradition ever since.

“The milk from our organic dairy herd together with that of 40 other farms across the area, producing only the highest quality milk, goes into the making of Kingdom cave-aged Cheddar cheese and that’s what was presented to the Chelsea Pensioners to enjoy over the festive season.” Said Lyndon.

“We were delighted to be invited to London to attend the ceremony and to pay tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of our war veterans.”

International award-winning Kingdom cave-aged Cheddar cheese is made in three varieties: traditional, cracked black pepper and caramelised onion. 99% of production is shipped to the USA where it is available in discerning delicatessen all over the country.

If you’re interested in what Hanley Farm Shop has to offer, visit our website.


Kingdom Cheddar Cheese.


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