‘Everyday Treasures’ by Mariette Voke at Taurus Crafts

A fabulous exhibition of art created by the wonderful artist Mariette Voke will be exhibited at Taurus Crafts from 2nd April – 8th May 2016.

The ‘Everyday Treasures’ Exhibition will showcase some beautiful paintings of everyday objects from tea cups to shirts. The artist said “ I am a hoarder with a compulsion to record and catalogue life. My paintings explore memories and recollection through clothing and everyday objects; favourite china, shoes, old photographs and toys. I love fragments, bits of china, scraps of fabric and pieces of text, small, often overlooked objects that might have a story to tell. I have a passion for the texture and language of fabrics, taffeta, silk and velvet; pleats, plackets and ruffles. I love painting clothing, linking each garment with objects, to tell stories about where a dress came from or what happened on the day it was worn. I feel the poignancy of a dress on a hanger can be as evocative as a photograph. Through the way things wear, a frayed collar, pulled thread or lost button, feelings and moments in time can be recalled.”

Mariette Voke said that she often works on two or three pictures at a time, in her studio or the garden of her Forest cottage. She said that she surrounds herself with her favourite everyday items as constant inspiration for paintings.

Mariette Voke

Mariette Voke also added “My larger paintings are in oils, I stretch my own canvases in a traditional way using raw linen, fixed with tacks and sized with rabbit skin glue. I also enjoy painting watercolours using the contrast of precise pencil drawing painted with a loose and fluid colour. Originally from Bristol, I have lived in the Forest of Dean with my potter-partner for twenty five years. My paintings sell through exhibitions, mainly in the South West, and locally in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.”


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