Launch of first litter shop in UK as part of anti-litter campaign

A new campaign to fight litter in rural areas has recently launched in Coleford. Countryside littering is a huge problem and each year 250 tonnes of rubbish is removed from the Forest of Dean alone. The ‘Love your Forest’ campaign, designed by behaviour change charity Hubbub, are trialling new and positive approaches to the growing problem of rural littering involving all sections of the community.

Love your forest campaign

The ‘Love your Forest’ project will run for five months in the Forest of Dean, which is one of the few remaining ancient woodlands in England. A highlight of this campaign is the launch of the UK’s first ever ‘CON-venience’ litter shop, which can be found at 21a St Johns Street, Coleford GL16 8AP. The pop up shop will be open for business on a Friday, Saturday and Monday from 10am to 4pm from 12th May 2016 until 12th July 2016. People are invited to visit to learn more about the project as the shop will feature rubbish and litter found in and around the Forest of Dean.

The top five weird and wonderful litter objects that were found in the Forest include:

  1. 33-year-old crisp packet
  2. 40-year-old drinks bottles with cork stoppers
  3. Old pull-ring drinks cans
  4. An old croc shoe
  5. A deflated moss filled football


Love your forest campaign 2The artists behind the idea of the litter shop are Lou McCurdy and Chloe Hanks. With the ‘CON-venience’ shop they aim to raise awareness of the longevity of litter and consumer habits using humour, irreverence and mimicry to create shops that are provocative and surreal.

Another fun activity that will run alongside the litter shop is ‘Communitrees’. Faces will be attached to at least one hundred trees in the forest with the objective of deterring litter louts. The 100 faces will be created by local children as part of a competition.

Read more about the ‘CON-venience’ shop and the ‘Communitrees’ activities on the BBC website here.


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