The Four Elements Retreat: Canoeing Experience

In collaboration with Way2Go Adventures, Hot Pot Pottery and The House of Bread, Wye Forest Retreats have created two fantastic, creative learning and wellbeing retreats in the Dean Wye with the first starting in June. The retreat called ‘Four Elements Retreat’ will combine Earth, Air, Fire and Water to create a perfect balance for a 7 day creative adventure and wellbeing experience.


Way2Go Adventures will be contributing to the Water element by offering a relaxing and soothing canoe activity along the River Wye. Water is known to help relax and soothe the body and mind with its calming nature and constant flow. Combined with gentle exercise such as canoeing, being on the water can provide a natural and relaxing adventure.

The first seven day long ‘Four Elements Retreat’ will begin on 24th June 2016; however another retreat is available from the 7th October 2016. For more information about these fabulous wellbeing retreats or to book, click here.


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