Amanda Hamilton’s Watercolour World

Hay on Wye by Amanda Hamilton
Hay on Wye by Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton will be exhibiting at Taurus Crafts from 23rdJuly 2016, on view until 9th October 2016.

The ‘Art from the Heart’ exhibition will feature nearly 20 works by Amanda, including favourites such as her Paris and Cornwall Series paintings, as well as prints of some of her earlier work including Royal Ross on Wye and Room with a View. In addition, the exhibition will be supported by a variety of works from Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire.   

Born in 1965, Amanda is frequently described as a modern day “Romantic Impressionist”. Amanda’s exploration into the delicate world of watercolour painting began in 1992 when she was lucky enough to spend time sailing between the islands of St Lucia and Grenada. From the warmth of the West Indies to the creative haven of St Ives, Amanda began a journey that has been described as “being taken through the looking glass, into a dreamlike Wonderland, as though I had drunk from the bottle marked Drink Me”. “A place of pure feeling”. “Where the buildings are alive and moving”, “filled with insight, paintings dancing from their Souls”.  

Ross-on-Wye by Amanda Hamilton
Ross-on-Wye by Amanda Hamilton

Amanda’s watercolour work is light-hearted yet rich. The way she sees a home or a view creates a joyful, spirited interpretation that uplifts, in a playful way. Amanda enjoys the expressive and imaginative fluidity of her dreamy and reflective style. She pours her emotions and experiences into her work, yet at the same time capturing the very essence of the places, animals and people that she paints.   “I am thrilled to be exhibiting my work with Taurus, they are one of the most prestigious venues around”, said Amanda. Following the success of her publishing features this year including Vogue Magazine, The Discerner and World of Interiors, and now as a new tutor for overseas painting holiday company Authentic Adventures, Amanda is looking forward to creating a visual watercolour narrative for spectators at Taurus Crafts, exploring her World of Wonderful Watercolours.    For more information regarding exhibitions and about Amanda Hamilton’s work, please visit her website at or email          


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