Cycling tips to get you out and about exploring the #DeanWye

August and September are the some of the best months to cycle and especially with the Tour of Britain due to pass through the Dean Wye next month it’s time to get on yer bike!

To help get you started on your very own ‘Tour of the Dean Wye’ tour, we’ve pulled together some top tips to help get you cycling and to help celebrate our Cycling Festival:

  1. Dig out your bike or hire one: Get into the shed and dig out your bike, wipe off the cobwebs and dust and check that the fixtures and fittings are secure. You will also need to check that your bike is well oiled and of course safe to ride. (If you’ve got wonky wheel, it’s probably not safe!) If you don’t have a bike however you can always pop down to Pedalabikeaway or Dean Forest Cycles in the Forest of Dean. They both provide cycle hire for everyone whatever your age or ability.
  2. Perform Safety checks: Before the fun can begin, you need to ensure that your bicycle is safe to ride; especially if you haven’t ridden it in a while. If you’re an experienced cyclist, you will be able to do all of the safety checks yourself, however if not you might need to get it serviced professionally.
  3. Research the cycle routes: Before heading out to cycle, be sure to check out the routes you wish to take. The Dean Wye has a variety of fantastic cycle routes and to celebrate the Tour of Britain coming to the area, we even have a cycle art trail you could follow on your bike ride!
  4. Warm up: As with any exercise, it is extremely important to warm up before. So, get stretching those muscles before your start exploring the beautiful Wye Valley and Forest of Dean areas.
  5. Enjoy: Cycling is great fun so get out there and enjoy,but wait! No cycling experience would be complete without a picnic! Pack a picnic and take it on your cycle ride, you’ll find that many of the cycle routes in the Dean Wye have picnic areas for you to enjoy. However you can always wait until you find the perfect spot while on your route and stop to just take in views…and of course that well earned sandwich!

For more information on the Dean Wye Cycling Festival click here.

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