Opening of Art exhibition at the Inn at Penallt

The Art in Penallt Team
The Art in Penallt Team

Penallt is becoming the ‘go to’ village in the Wye Valley for culture, good food and family entertainment. Already this year there has been Shakespeare in the Park on Babington Meadow, The really popular Big Day Out for families at the Humble by Nature centre and the Vintage Cars and Bikes festival a couple of weeks ago attracted more than 1000 enthusiasts. Coming up is the Penallt Art Festival from 22 – 25 September where more than 40 leading local artists and makers will be exhibiting.

Last Thursday saw the opening of yet another innovative event in the village at the Inn at Penallt: with the launch of an exhibition by 5 local artists. Chris and Bronwyn Boston, new owners of the Inn, have further enhanced the dining experience and are now wishing to add to the ambience of this historic hostelry by mounting a series of exhibitions throughout the year. This current one is scheduled to be in place until November and all works are for sale.

Chris and Bronwyn, have been working in conjunction with the Art in Penallt team of Ann Bradley and Amanda Jack, and have selected five artists to show. Those exhibiting are David Haswell, with evocative Welsh landscapes, Virginie Hartley and her nostalgic and colourful street themes, Claire Lovell with bold land and seascapes as well as images of rural rusticana. Also, Chris Jones, an evocative and highly innovative photographer, and the well known potter Mary Cousins who has recently worked with Art in Penallt as a demonstrator at the Welsh National Eisteddford.

While Chris and Bronwyn made sure that appropriate hospitality was being provided by their in-house team, the wide spectrum of guests at the event spent time viewing the exhibits and using the opportunity to discuss the works with the artists.

Alastair Robertson, another of the Art in Penallt team, welcomed guests and explained that, for all concerned the show is a win/win arrangement. On the one hand it is adding atmosphere to the Inn’s dining experience and on the other it to helps to promote the upcoming Annual Penallt Art Festival. For the artists involved it is a quality showcase and from the public’s point of view it brings high quality and original artwork right into the community and helps, he said, in his opinion to raise standards of visual intelligence, which in Wales lag far behind its world class reputation in music and literature.

Enquiries to the Inn at Penallt:

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