Organising a Stag or Hen Do in the DeanWye?

Are you busy planning a Stag or Hen Do? The Dean Wye has so many exciting activities and fun things to do that suit all kinds of nervous grooms and even blushing brides! You’ll be surprised to see what crazy activities you can get up to in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean!

Treat your stag to a paintballing experience deep in the Forest, an adrenaline filled canoe trip down the mighty River Wye, or a speedy go karting race. You could even pamper your Hen in the Dean Wye including a glamorous glamping stay or a pottery painting experience to create life long memories. Whatever you choose to do for your Stag (or Hen), plan something unique and personalised that they’ll remember forever.

As the organiser, you have a lot of planning ahead of you. It’s important to gather all the wants from the stag or hen,after all, it’s their last bit of freedom before they cross to the other side. Once armed with the information, the serious job of planning the weekend can start.

If you’re planning a Stag or Hen Do in the DeanWye here are some tips to help you organise the perfect weekend:

  • What does the Stag/Hen want?Find out direct from them what they really want from the weekend and then consider how far you can push things in terms of what surprises you might have lined up.
  • Who is coming along to the weekend? Find out the numbers, try and get people to fully commit early on so you can book accommodation and activities.
  • When should the event be held? If it’s just one night then the golden rule is never on the night before the wedding! Otherwise you are asking for trouble.
  • Consider the location and costs. Does the stag/hen want to be closer to home or does they want fly off somewhere? Take into account the potential costs and try and keep things affordable.

wye-dean-hen-01 wye-dean-stag-01








There are so many wye valley activities on offer that provide unique group experiences that go way beyond the traditional clay pigeon shooting or go karting. One example is an outfit calledWelsh Games, who are based near the stag/hen night hotspot, Cardiff and provide multi activity ‘games’ in the style of former BBC TV show It’s a Knockout.

If you are planning a Stag or Hen Do and want to come to the Dean Wye, check out all of the adrenaline filled and more relaxing activities we have to offer on our website.


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