Taurus Crafts welcomes exciting new Wildlife Art Exhibition

The new art exhibition in the café at Taurus Crafts is set to be a ‘wild’ experience for all visitors. Featuring large scale original canvases painted by acclaimed wildlife artist Christine Dadd.

The artworks included are from a large body of work inspired by Christine’s experiences on safari in Africa and will be available from 15th – 20th October 2016.

‘We are excited to have such vibrant large scale and original work on show at Taurus Crafts, Christine’s work is bold and often features unusual close ups and angles that really adds interest to the animal subjects. We have the originals on the wall and smaller prints available in the browser and are confident of a successful show.’ Tom Haverly, Taurus Crafts

‘I use a unique style of wildlife painting creating closeness to the subject by focussing on key animal characteristics. I believe in the personal nature of art and only provide work either as one-off originals or in low number limited editions.’ Christine Dadd

Christine has recently achieved high acclaim in the wildlife art world, being highly commended finalist of the Wildlife Artist of the Year and then in 2016 was chosen as a supporting artist for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

‘I feel a new journey just beginning and I am really excited that I now have new works to exhibit and I’m looking forward to having a great exhibition.’ Christine Dadd


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