A to Z of the DeanWye: A is for…

Discover the magical places of the DeanWye from A to Z over the next few weeks on our blog.

A is for…

There are many places in the DeanWye that begin with A. Discover Alvington and the Ancient Forest below:


The small village of Alvington was one of a number of hamlets dotted along the River Severn. The village follows the former Roman road leading from Newnham-on-Severn to Chepstow.

The village has been at the centre of a number of paranormal claims in recent years. In 2009, local resident David Crook claimed to have spotted bright lights in the sky above the playing fields. The lights burned brightly in the sky to such an extent that David rushed into the village to warn local residents.

Ancient Forest

Nestling between the Wye Valley, the Vale of Leadon and the Severn Valley, the Royal Forest of Dean is one of England’s few remaining ancient forests, covering 27,000 acres of woodland. Designated as a National Forest Park in 1938, this Queen of Forests boasts a spectacular range of natural beauty combined with an aura of magic and mystery that has been the inspiration for many great artists and writers including JRR Tolkien, Dennis Potter and JK Rowling.

Stock Image of Beech Woodland in the Wye Valley


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