A to Z of the DeanWye: N is for…


Newent is certainly one of the most attractive towns in the Forest of Dean area. It is a thriving, unspoilt market town with a wide range of attractions for the shopper and visitor. Many of the buildings date from the 13th century, and centrepiece of the town is the Old Market Hall, which was built in 1668.

The area around Newent has long been known for its wild daffoldils which grow naturally in the woods and meadows around the town. Within living memory, they grew in such profusion that school children picked flowers to be sent to hospitals as far away as London. The Great Western railway used to put on special trains to Newent for people to come and pick the daffodils!
The Shambles is a collection of Victorian buildings – cottages, houses, alleyways, streets, courtyards, shops and workshops, housing one of the largest collections of everyday Victoriana in the country!

Newent is home to the International Centre of Birds of Prey.
A world famous vineyard (The Three Choirs), and is at the centre of the Golden Triangle, so called because of the preponderance of daffodils in the surrounding area.

National Park

The Forest of Dean was England’s first National Park in 1938 and is one of England’s surviving ancient woodlands, covering 27,000 acres. It boasts the largest population of oak trees in the UK.



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