A Local Christmas Tree

Available throughout December Taurus Crafts Christmas Trees includes a range of ‘very local trees’ grown on Lydney Park Estate.

These trees are grown by experienced professional foresters who’s care and attention ensures high quality, well-shaped trees available in different heights. Prices are reasonable and the carbon footprint couldn’t be better as they are grown under 1 mile away from Taurus Crafts. The trees are felled as freshly as possible which greatly improves their needle retention properties. On site, visitors can select their own tree ‘un-netted’ so you really can see what you are getting before its made easily portable and put in a net. The opportunity to order special large trees (9ft plus) is now available, ring Taurus Crafts  to find out more and discus your requirements.

Their  selection of Lydney Park trees is complemented with other trees from further afield and a range of trees from Over near Gloucester.

Taurus Crafts is open 7 days a week from 10am until 5pm. Based just outside Lydney on the A48, with Free Entry and a large free car park visiting couldn’t be easier.


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