A to Z of the DeanWye: U is for…


Is a village and civil parish situated 10.5 km north-west of Gloucester. Soon after the Norman conquest Upleadon became part of the estates of Gloucester Abbey and was recorded as such in the Domesday Book.[2] Taking advantage of the nearby river, there was a period when iron forges were a focal point for the community but these were subsequently converted into a flour-mill.[3] The village today extends southwards alongside the River Leadon and has a population of 213.

Under the Forest of Dean

Gloucestershire is one of the most geologically and scenically diverse counties in England, with rocks from the Precambrian through to the Jurassic represented. These varying rock-types are responsible for the three major areas of the county, each with its own distinctive scenery and land-use – the Forest of Dean in the west, bordering Wales, the Cotswolds in the east, and in between, the Severn Vale.

The Forest of Dean Area has a rich mining history dating back to ancient times and has a number of iron, coal and stone mines, some of which are still active today. The towering cliffs at Symonds Yat bear evidence of the cave bearing limestone in the area and in recent years new discoveries have well and truly put the Forest of Dean area onto the U.K. caving map. Discoveries such as Otter Hole, Wetsink, Redhouse Lane Swallet and more recently Miss Graces Lane have shown that there is a huge potential for finding new cave. With large resurgences and numerous sinks in the area the opportunities for virgin cave exploration are abundant.

Notable public attractions include Clearwell Caves and Hopewell Quarry.


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