A to Z of the DeanWye: V is for…


With around 80 acres, Three Choirs is one of the larger vineyards in the country. It is also one of the most long-established, being first planted in 1973 (first vintage 1976).

Three Choirs continues its innovative wine production, with a number of acres set aside as an experimental vineyard, planting new varieties and monitoring their success. It is from here that a number of new varieties now more widely grown first emerged.

Three Choirs lies within a unique microclimate, sheltered by the Malverns and the Brecon Beacons. It has an average rainfall of 20 inches per annum. The temperature controlled winery houses all stainless steel tanks, with warm room for red wines and French and American oak barriques. Winery improvements are paying dividends especially for red wines, but also for their wide range Quality still wines and sparkling white wines, which are their traditional mainstay. Three Choirs makes a lot of still and sparkling wine for nearby vineyards and those farther afield.


Verderers are an organisation that liaise on behalf of the Crown between the local community and the Forestry Commission and they date back to Norman times. The Verderers’ Court can be seen at The Speech House hotel.

There are still four Verderers in the Forest of Dean and their job description remains the same: to protect the ”vert and venison” of the forest (”vert” is green vegetation).


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