A to Z of the DeanWye: Z is for…


The town is relatively young, coming into existence in the 19th century, following the rapid expansion of the local iron andcoal industries. The name Cinderford, used for a crossing-point, is recorded as early as 1258. The name reflects the site of early ironmaking which created deposits of cinders, sometimes in large mounds.

Notable people from Cinderford include the band EMF and Jimmy Young

Zoo The international Centre of Birds of Prey at Newent

The International Centre for Birds of Prey is the oldest dedicated birds of prey centre in the world.

The Centre houses over 200 birds of prey, eagles, owls, vultures, kites, buzzards and falcons. There are three flying demonstrations per day and each one is different.

Water Zorbing at National Diving and Activity Centre, Tidenham

Walking on water in a big translucent ball

Zip Wire at National Diving and Activity Centre, Tidenham

The Wire is one of the UK’s longest, tallest and fastest zip slides, running the 700 metre length of the spectacular NDAC Quarry.

Launch yourself from the 70m high cliff edge and speed along the length of our 80m deep flooded quarry.



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