Volunteer at International Centre for Birds of Prey

Hartpury volunteers (002)

Time to say thank you! International Centre for Birds of Prey have been celebrating their volunteers, and ask you to Get Involved

Almost 22 million people across the UK volunteer their time and skills to charities every year.

Volunteers Week 2017 gave the International Centre for Birds of Prey the perfect excuse to extend thanks to the many volunteers, past and present that give us their time and energy to make sure that our centre runs smoothly every day.

We rely on their hard work, dedication and support to get through all of the many jobs that come with running such a busy centre!  From painting aviaries and feeding the birds to helping out in our bustling café, there is always plenty to do.

There are lots of different reasons why people volunteer.  James was keen to get involved.  He wanted some time away from his desk, and to get outdoors.

Volunteering at the International Centre for Birds of Prey offers me the perfect escape from my desk job! I get my fix of fresh air and nature, and love being a part of such a passionate and friendly team

Tom got involved when found he had lots of time on his hands after his wife passed away.  As a life-long keen gardener he was eager to get outdoors and see people.

“I’ve always liked birds, and I love my garden at home, but I wasn’t seeing anyone much, so I decided to help out at ICBP. It gets me out of the house, and I like to be around other people, so it’s a winner for everyone!”

The generous contribution of all our volunteers is really remarkable.  Not only does it mean we get all our jobs done every day, but they are always happy to help with the extra things that need doing from building nest boxes to baking cakes.

Pat and Mark are a husband and wife team who got involved. They were looking to give something back when they retired.  Lifelong bird lovers, they enjoy being outside in the fresh air, though ‘slightly less when it’s tipping down with rain!’

We also get regular volunteers from nearby Hartpury College, generally students studying Animal Science courses, where they can gain valuable insight and experience in a busy and progressive conservation-based zoo.  We are always delighted to welcome their help and support.

There are many more fabulous volunteers that come and get involved, and we offer a big thank you to you all.

But we are always desperate for more helping hands.

If you’d like to utilize your spare time in a fascinating and fun environment and enjoy being outside then get involved!

You will also get the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a real difference to the conservation of birds of prey all over the world.

Don’t wait until the next Volunteer’s Week, get involved now, and email volunteer@icbp.org



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