Dancing Cows Make TV Appearance

dancecow 2

Viewers of BBC West were highly amused to watch over 200 dairy cows dancing as they were let back into the fields for the first time this year.

Local farmer, Lyndon Edwards, put out an open invitation to families to join him to see the cows being let out into the fields, after spending the cold and wet winter months indoors on his farm at Tidenham near Chepstow.

The event, which took place on Friday, was attended by numerous local families and a BBC TV crew.

“We couldn’t believe the response.” said Lyndon Edwards. “People really are interested to know where their milk actually comes from and we’re always delighted to show them.”

“We call it Dancing Cow Day because the cows jump, skip and frolic with excitement” said Lyndon. “It’s no wonder it’s every dairy farmer’s favourite day of the year and was particularly spectacular this year because we’ve had to keep the girls inside for a month longer than normal because of the weather.”

“We’ll be opening the farm gates to the public again for Open Farm Sunday on Sunday 10th June – last year over 3,000 people attended.”

Hanley Farm Shop and Café is at Tidenham, near Chepstow, NP16 7NA.


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